Beauty Vault Rejuvenating Set

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Kojic Soap: - Whitens and moisturize the skin - Removes dead skin - Lightens dark spots - Anti Aging/Skin firming Tinted Sunblock: - Sun protection of SPF 45 - Added whitening and moisturizing - One shade that blends in all skin complexion - Instant foundation - you can use as make up primer Rejuvenating Cream - Skin whitening/rejuvenating - Removes and lightens skin blemishes Rejuvenating Toner - Dries up acne and pimples - Removes blemishes and dark spots - Removes dead skin - Rejuvenates the skin * Do not rub or massage the cotton with the toner just tap gently on skin. *Peeling usually starts 3-4 days (Peeling occurs depends with skin type) * Apply only small amount of creams * Do not use other skin care products on peeling process * Avoid from Sun exposure while on this process. * Make sure to use sunblock during the day.

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