Estelin Australian Pink Clay Mask 4-In-1 Treatment

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Benefits : 4-in-1 Treatment Detoxify, brighten, firming skin keeping skin looking firm and youthful. This pink clay mask gently draws out all the dirt and oil trapped in skin, while its actives encourage skin cell exfoliation and renewal. Deeply cleanse your skin and minimizes the appearance of pores, imperfections, acne and brightens the skin. Reduces skin inflammation and assists in remove acne. Reduce skin inflammation and assists in removing eczema and acne. Skin look brighter and feels refreshed. Moisturize and restore and replenish your skin, boost skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles

Use For : Face Clay Mask

Feature Moisturizer - Nourishing - Pore Cleaner - Blemish Clearing - Acne

Skin Type : All Skin Types

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