Fairy Skin Premium Brightening Sunscreen 50g

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Product Description

FAIRY SKIN PREMIUM BRIGHTENING SUNSCREEN ♥️☀️ With its 0% whitecast, non-heavy and non-sticky formulation, lightweight texture, instant tone-up effect, hydrating benefits, and intense whitening - IT'S A SUNSCREEN OF YOUR DREAM! 🥰 Who would've thought that this premium look and formulation could be so much AFFORDABLE! 😍 #PremiumBrighteningSunscreen is a protection, hydration, and whitening in ONE! It's even tested by DAISO Ultraviolet Transmittance Analyzer SPF Report and passed the SPF 70 rating! ♥️ KOREAN GLASS SKIN HAS NO SKIN TONE. ✨ Premium Brightening Sunscreen's tone-up effect has no favoritism! Be it fair or morena, you get that signature glow in every application! 💯💯 This breakthrough formula is made possible with almost a year in the making and a concoction of trending K-beauty ingredients that are soothing, nourishing, and skin-friendly! ✨ ✅hybrid sunscreen with chemical & physical filters ✅contains CICA, green tea extract, and licorice root extract ✅dewy-matte finish for a hydrated and supple skin It also provides an instant Korean glass skin finish for that full-blown signature look! ✨ GET KOREAN-LOOKING FOR ONLY PHP190! ✔ NO whitecast ✔ SPF50+++ ✔ Broad spectrum ✔ Light weight ✔ Non-sticky ✔ Hydrates skin ✔ Can be used as primer ✔ AFFORDABLE!

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