LUMI by Beauty Vault - 24H Glutathione Capsules, 60 Caps

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  • LUMI 24H Glutathione by Beauty Vault
  • With Glutathione, Sunblock Protects and Bioactive Collagen
  • With 30 Capsules for DAY and 30 Capsules for NIGHT
  • Unit count: 1.0


LUMI is a name of Finnish origin meaning "snow and glow". Derived from the word "luminance", this 24H glut@ capsule is coined due to its skin-lightening properties with the help of the main ingredient, Glutathi0ne. This glut@ capsule is a strong antioxidant and is a key component in the continuous regeneration of a healthy, young, and lighter-looking skin. Introducing our latest product from Beauty Vault! Lumi 24H Glutathione Capsules! Why 24Hour ⏰ protection? ☀️Day Capsule (white capsule) - infused with 250mg of Glutathione that effectively whitens as it detoxifies your body while giving protection from UVA rays with its sunbl0ck pr0tect ingredient harvested from fern plant. 🌙Night Capsule (night capsule) - infused with 250mg of Glutathione + 100mg of Bioactive Collagen that moisturizes and !improves your skin’s elasticity at it increases collagen levels in your body.

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