RyxSkincerity BeYOUthiful Starter Kit (Rejuvenating Set)

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  • Cleanse with Ryx Rejuvenating Facial Wash (Day & night)
  • Exfoliate with Ryx Rejuvenating Toner (Day & night)
  • Renew & Repair with Ryx Rejuvenating Serum (Night time only)
  • Protect with Ryx Sunshield (Day time only)

Kit includes:

  • Rejuvenating Face Wash [60ml]
  • Rejuvenating Toner [60ml]
  • Rejuvenating Serum [30ml]
  • Sun Shield [20ml]

Because of its 6 “PORE-FECT” Key Ingredients: Glucosamine - has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Treat hyperpigmentation. Reduce wrinkles. Wound healing. Centella Asiatica - This super blend of nutrients offers amazing benefits for the skin including anti-aging properties. It is also benefecial for improving elasticity. Bye Sagging Skin! For acne sufferers, It speeds healing, helping to prevent scarring. Morus Alba Bark Extract - Based on studies, It brightens and improve the look of uneven skin tone. “Mulberry” is proven skin-brightening ingredients and appears to be non-irritating. Apple Extract - Anti aging & skin smoothing. Green Tea Extract - It containts Methylxanthines that stimulates skin microcirculation and therefore positively influence the tone and health of the skin. It is very useful to incorporate in skincare products to possibly slow down skin aging. Broussonetia Kazinoki - The active constituents present in the extract have been proven to exhibit superior melanogenesis inhibition and skin whitening effect to kojic acid and even HQ.

It offers astringent, anti-oxidant and skin lightening benefits but in a natural way!

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